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Inspired is an understatement, this is Grace Kelly’s wedding

bride with groom in Grace Kelly wedding dress replica

It's not uncommon for couples to pull inspiration from famous weddings while planning their own, and Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956 is probably one of the most referenced, but this couple took it a few steps further. We seriously had to zoom in on these photos to make sure they weren't actually photos of Grace Kelly! Every detail was thought through, from the iconic veil and dress to the groom's royal-inspired suit, they even had the royal wave down to an art. So how do you get those royal wedding vibes yourself? We'll break it down in just a sec.

Photographer, Roman Ivanov, definitely did their research because some of these photos are spot-on recreations of Grace Kelly's wedding photography. From the lighting to the poses...chef's kiss! And we know weddings are a team effort and those gorgeous photos didn't stage themselves, Wedding Residence by Ksenia Afanasyeva planned this royal affair and made this couple's every dream come true! Lid’s Eventhouse worked together with the rest of the team to take the decor of this already epic venue to the next level. Keep reading for more on how to orchestrate your own royal wedding and to hear more from Ksenia Afanasieva about the historic inspiration and how they interpreted it.

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dress for the wedding you want

bride poses in her Grace Kelly replica wedding gown

There are a few elements that set a royal wedding apart from those of us mere mortals and fashion is definitely one of them. Because the ceremonies for royal weddings usually take place in a church, women are expected to obey the church's rules on modesty, so that usually means full coverage when it comes to sleeves and gown length. Like a true princess, Bride Anna had her Grace Kelly-inspired gown handcrafted for her by Sovereign. And while the designer paid homage to the original design, they did make slight changes to modernize the design like lowering the lace collar. There's no denying that this dress is truly iconic, but what really made us do a double-take was that headpiece and veil–seriously, the resemblance is uncanny!

Grace Kelly inspired veil and hat

black and white portrait of bride in Grace Kelly inspired gown

Grace Kelly inspired bride poses with veil in front of white rose arch

And yes, the bride is obviously a star, but this is a wedding-the joining of two people...so to execute the royal wedding design to the fullest, it was important that the groom, Pavel dressed the part too. As part of the military, most royals men wear some type of uniform and adornments that convey their title and rank. As such, the jacket is usually a different color than the pants and Pavel's ensemble nailed that detail. He even has the metallic buttons on the jacket, the mandarin collar, and the embroidered crest details that all lend themselves to the royal vibe.

royal inspired groom look

royal inspired wedding groom outfit ideas

royal inspired wedding couple portrait

Even the bridemaids' dresses were inspired by Grace Kelly's wedding and they had the chic hats to match! The ring bearers and flower girls also dressed the part with the boys wearing white tailcoats and the girls in cherubic ivory dresses with flower crowns. And your guests are bound to be in your photos, so make sure that you request a black or white-tie dress code to really set the tone.

Grace Kelly inspired bride poses with flower girls

Grace Kelly inspired bride gifts hats to bridesmaids

royal wedding bridesmaid ideas

royal wedding bridesmaid dresses with hats

bridesmaids leave royal inspired wedding on red carpet

the grand entrance

Grace Kelly bride arrives to ceremony in vintage Rolls Royce

The lovely bride arrived in style in a vintage black and white convertible Rolls Royce and was escorted down the red carpet and up the stairs to the venue. Flanked on both sides by a marching band, decked out in red and black uniforms, the grand staircase really set the mood.

Grace Kelly inspired bride poses on red carpet aisle

the ceremony

Grace Kelly bride is escorted down the aisle

While Anna and Pavel's wedding wasn't held in a Cathedral, they certainly decked it out like one. For your royal-inspired wedding, make sure to continue the motif inside like the red carpet aisle (instead of white), and we love how Ksenia used floral boxes and candelabras to evoke the feeling of church pews.

Grace Kelly wedding inspired ceremony

Royal wedding inspired ceremony bridal party portrait

Grace Kelly bride and her groom share a kiss

now that's what we call an exit

Grace Kelly bride and groom wave at guests from balcony

Arm in arm the charming couple waved to their admirers from their private balcony before hopping back in the Rolls Royce to explore the estate for their portrait session. Oh, and every royal motorcade needs a motorcycle escort...obvi!

royal wedding exit

royal wedding bride and groom wave from vintage Rolls Royce

royal inspired wedding motorcade

a royal reception

Grace Kelly wedding inspired reception

For your royal reception, one word...flowers (and a lot of them)! And for everything, from the flowers to the chandeliers and the cake...the bigger the better! To keep everything timeless, opt for a neutral color scheme with the only hints of color coming from the venue itself.

royal wedding inspired reception

royal tiered white wedding cake

sweetheart table at Grace Kelly inspired wedding

close up of white wedding cake

a brief history and words of wisdom from the expert

bride and groom holding hands at sweetheart table

Grace Kelly's wedding was one of the most iconic events in history. It was a grand affair with hundreds of guests and an exquisite gown that has become an inspiration for many brides-to-be. In the 21st century, we can see a reincarnation of Grace Kelly's wedding as modern couples are looking for ways to make their weddings unique and special. From the dress to the venue, everything is carefully planned to create an unforgettable experience for both the couple Pavel and Anna and their guests. By combining traditional elements with modern touches, couples today can recreate Grace Kelly's wedding in a way that will remain timeless and meaningful for years to come.

a portrait of the bride and groom in black and white at Grace Kelly inspired wedding

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