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What Exactly Do Wedding Planners Do?

What Exactly Do Wedding Planners Do? Photo:

When you’re budgeting for your wedding, there’s one item that comes up at the top of the list…and it’s a big-ticket item, hiring a wedding planner. For most couples, hiring an event planner of any kind is a completely new experience and potentially allocating a big portion of your wedding budget to something you’re unclear on can be a hard pill to swallow. Some couples even let the fear of the unknown convince them to plan the wedding entirely on their own, or at least try to. Well, we thought it was about time that someone explained exactly what a wedding planner does so that you can make the investment without any of the doubt…and trust us, hiring a wedding planner is the most worthwhile investment you will make when it comes to your wedding! We asked expert planner Diana Romo of Diana Romo Weddings to break down what a wedding planner does and why hiring one is so important, here’s what she had to say:

What Does The Process Look Like?

What Exactly Do Wedding Planners Do? Photo:

  • Getting To Know Each Other- First, we talk about what ideas they have, get to know them as a couple (what their personality is), and what they expect from their wedding. We consider the number of people and budget as well as the characteristics they expect from their venue. We define the estimated date and the type of venue that suits their needs.
  • Research & Present- We research several venues/hotels that match their vision and run them by the couple.

  • Booking The Venue- We confirm the date and officially book the venue.

  • Building The Dream Team- Once we have the venue and the date, we begin to find the ideal vendors according to their taste and budget (usually the first vendors we consider are the photographer, videographer, and MUA).

  • Creating The Design- We start working together on the design of the wedding, (colors, textures, look and feel, etc.) Once the design is complete and approved, the florist, rentals, entertainment, stationery, etc. are chosen.

  • Logistics- Then we continue working on the logistics of the event, such as the menu, schedules, appearances, layout, seating chart, etc. We also take care of the details such as transportation, photobooth, etc.

  • Vendor Payments- We keep track of the couple’s budget as well as payments made to suppliers and reminders of last payments.

  • The Day Of- During the wedding, my team and I divide and conquer the different tasks, such as logistics and setup and taking care of the couple as they’re getting ready so that they have a relaxed day. We take care of all the details from making sure all of the vendors are on time to setting up the decor, making announcements, music, and all of the other details that a wedding entails.

Different Types Of Planners

What Exactly Do Wedding Planners Do? Photo:

Diana Romo Weddings customizes their services and cost to fit each couple’s budget and needs. Some planners also offer different packages such as month of coordination and day-of coordination if hiring a full-time wedding planner isn’t possible within your budget.

Do Planners Get You Discounts On Other Vendors?

What Exactly Do Wedding Planners Do? Photo:

According to Diana, they don’t get discounts per se, but they have a strong network of vendors that they have great relationships with and work with regularly. Because they enjoy working together, the vendors tend to go the extra mile for their clients. We find that this is true with most planners and their preferred vendors. It became extremely apparent during the wedding rush once COVID restrictions started to lift. When couples were vying for dates, vendors prioritized clients of their favorite planners when it came to booking–just one of the many reasons it pays to hire a planner.

What are a few perks that come with hiring a wedding planner?

What Exactly Do Wedding Planners Do? Photo:

Where do I start? Haha. There are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner, particularly for destination weddings. Just having a local person, who is familiar with the area and how things work is so important. Planning a wedding can be very stressful and overwhelming. Having a person who is not just your planner but also a support system during this stage, someone with experience who will not only save you money but time definitely gives couples peace of mind. Having a planner allows couples to enjoy the wedding experience from the moment they arrive at the destination, knowing that there is a team in charge of making sure that all the details go perfectly.

Can you give a few reasons hiring a planner is a must?

What Exactly Do Wedding Planners Do? Photo:

In my case, the vast majority of my clients are foreigners, and having a planner on-site is a must. We usually work with couples who are career-oriented and may not have the time to plan their entire wedding but are also looking for something personalized and unique, and we are here for it. Having a team during the weekend of your wedding will ensure that the events flow and allows the couple to be more mindful and just enjoy their wedding day and their guests. In the event that an unexpected situation arises on the day of the wedding, your planner will be there to solve it and sometimes the clients do not even know about it. I have dozens of examples, but we will leave that for another occasion.

Do you design the wedding?

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Yes! It is one of my favorite parts of my job, I really enjoy working along with the couples, hearing their ideas and vision for their wedding, and bringing that vision to life, always taking into account the taste, personality, and budget of the couple.

How involved is the couple in making decisions and how much do they know about what everything costs?

What Exactly Do Wedding Planners Do? Photo:

I like to be very transparent about how their budget will be used, considering their priorities and vision. I love making suggestions, however, I always like to clarify to my clients that the decisions are theirs and we are here to help them bring their vision to life.

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