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How to Capture the Perfect Elopement First Look

Why You Should Do An Elopement First Look

One of my favorite parts of every elopement is the first look. It’s a traditional wedding element that I love incorporating into each elopement. For some couples, this is their first intimate, emotional experience as a couple on their wedding day and it makes for some amazing photos!

I was fortunate to share the first look with my wife, so I am obviously a huge supporter of this new “tradition” and I am about to dive into the reasons why you should do a first look on your elopement day. Check them out below!



Why You Should Do An Elopement First Look

One of the things I love about first looks is being creative with new backdrops. Generally, we’ll set out to a set location like an alpine lake but I like to mix it up for the first look to get a different backdrop for photos. 

The Bride or Groom will stand with their back turned, while the other partner will walk up from behind and give a tap on the shoulder (or booty grab, cover their eyes, hug from behind) and reveal themselves as the floodgates of emotions open where you smile, cry and soak in this first big moment on your special day!

An Intimate Moment

Why You Should Do An Elopement First Look

An elopement is a day full of adventure, intimacy, and emotions and your first look is the perfect opportunity to capture all those emotions in one scene! The emotions and excitement of seeing your significant other for the first time in her wedding clothes is one of the best moments of the day and is definitely one of my favorite scenes to photograph!

The anticipation of this scene is so magical, so make sure to take a moment to share a deep hug and take in these raw emotions together!

It Calms The Nerves


Why You Should Do An Elopement First Look

Let’s be honest, nerves are the biggest downer on the days and hours leading up to your elopement. This is your big day and the buildup can get to anyone, but the first look can help calm these nerves. The first look really gets those early jitters out of the way when you’re finally reunited with your “rock”. The person you are about to spend the rest of your life with! 

The first look gives you a chance to kick the jitters out of the way early, because honestly you are just so happy to see each other and are so excited that nothing else is on your mind. All your stress, jitters and nerves will go by the time your ceremony starts! The photos below are from this Big Sur Elopement.

More Opportunities For Pictures


Why You Should Do An Elopement First Look

Photography is one of the biggest parts of any elopement and the first look gives the couple the ability to choose a different backdrop than their ceremony spot. For Colorado elopements, these backdrop choices are unlimited and can be whatever you want!

And because there isn’t as much pressure, these photos are natural and full of raw emotions. The first look will also add more overall photos for your to enjoy and look back on after your elopement!


Elopement days are full of adventure and special moments between the couple. The first look really just gives you the chance to start your day off with some traditional elements before you say those big words. The first look is meant to help calm your nerves and be fun, so enjoy it!

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