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The Hottest New Registry Must-Have

The Hottest New Registry Must-Have

Knowing what to register for can be difficult, especially if you already live together (which many couples do). Chances are you’ve already got the basics, plates, glasses, etc...So, instead of replacing what you already have, use your wedding registry to up your kitchen game with some serious gadgets like one of our faves, AeroGarden. It’s a cutting-edge piece of tech that looks as fresh as the herbs, lettuce, and veggies it grows.

Grow Anywhere…All Year Round

The Hottest New Registry Must-Have

Have you always dreamed of having a garden–planting something and watching it grow? If you live in the city or don't have a yard, that dream may have seemed to be way out of reach…that is, until now. AeroGarden is a simple hydroponic system that allows you to grow plants right on your counter. Imagine having a full-on garden right in your kitchen! Fresh salads for lunch. Fresh herbs to garnish craft cocktails for game night–your friends will be so impressed!

Anyone Can Do It (No, Really!)

The Hottest New Registry Must-Have

If you have a sketchy track record with house plants, don’t sweat, with AeroGarden literally anyone can be an expert gardener. AeroGarden tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. The LED grow lights turn on and off automatically, and feeding and watering reminders light up to make taking care of your plant babies a snap. All of the gardens come with free seed kits, so all the thinking is already done for you. Plus, AeroGarden actually helps plants grow five times faster than they do in soil, giving you almost instant gratification for next to no work. So essentially, everyone will think you’re incredibly gifted when really someone just gave you an incredible gift, so make sure this baby is on your registry!

A Perfect Fit For Your Kitchen

The Hottest New Registry Must-Have

AeroGarden has different sizes and finishes to go with any kitchen layout and design. For smaller spaces, go with the Sprout model. It can grow up to three plants at a time and comes in a sleek black finish. If you’ve got a little more space and you’re super into fresh produce, go big with the Bounty Elite. It can grow up to nine plants at a time and has a few different finish options, but the “stainless” is our fave.

Save Big

Need to get your hands on one of these ASAP? Well, you’re in luck! Use code BACK2SCHOOL for 30% off sitewide from 8/15-8/21! If you’re adding AeroGarden to your registry, don’t forget to add some accessories like garden shears or pollinator and some seed kits to get your garden growing!

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We partnered with AeroGarden to bring you this hot registry item. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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