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Tips From Wedding Pros on Expressing Your Personal Style on Your Wedding Day

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More than anything, your wedding day should feel like it fully represents you and your partner! For some couples that means a special ceremony tradition, while for others it could mean playing a specific song for their first dance or wearing a meaningful color as part of their attire. The possibilities are truly endless, but the bottom line is that your guests want to walk away from your wedding thinking "Wow, that was SO them!" If you're feeling a little stuck, we've got you covered! We've rounded up tips and inspiration from endless wedding pros to help you nail your personal style as you head down the aisle.

Don’t be afraid to embrace color!

Don’t be afraid to embrace color! “Expressing your own personal style should be the cornerstone of how you choose all of your attire for the day and it means shirking the old traditions and making your own rules for the day! First, know this: you do NOT have to wear white! If you love expressing yourself through color or embellishments, consider wedding dresses in any color you like best. I love seeing a bride embrace a pink gown, a black gown (hello, Vera Wang!) or a gown covered in colorful floral embellishments (expect to see lots of floral embellishment options this coming year.) The same goes for grooms. While the black tux is timeless, I love a good oxblood, velvet navy or rich green tux moment.”
- Mandy Connor, Owner,
Hummingbird Events & Design
Photo Credits: Panner: Feathered Arrow Events | Photographer: The Shalom Imaginative

Find a dress that reflects your personal style.

Find a dress that reflects your personal style. “Brides are unique individuals and who you are should carry through on your wedding day! This is why we at Poémia offer a new kind of dress that is romantic and authentic to you, where you can not only look your best but feel your most comfortable and the most yourself.”
- Katie Rieben, Co-Founder + Head of Product,

Customize your wedding ceremony script so it’s meaningful and personal to you.

Planning a wedding is all about the details - from the fonts on the save the date to the color of the reception flowers. But the hard truth is that your guests are unlikely to remember any of those nuances. What your guests, and, more importantly, you and your partner will remember is how you felt during the ceremony. The heart and emotion of the day is what leaves a lasting impression. So, focus on the details that really matter, and make your ceremony feel uniquely yours. Whether you’re having 200 guests or an intimate elopement, you don’t want your officiant’s speech to feel like a generic, Mad Libs-esque template that could be about anyone. From incorporating religious or cultural traditions, to kicking off the ceremony with a quote from ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ or, as one of our couples chose, taking a shot of your favorite tequila together to celebrate your unity, you have the power to design a ceremony that’s personal.”
- Steven Greitzer, CEO,

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Unique table numbers can instantly personalize your reception!

Unique table numbers can instantly personalize your reception! “One way to express your personal style is through your table assignments. Instead of the standard numbering of guest tables, make it unique by naming the tables instead! They can be places you've traveled to, lived in together or before you've met, or locations from the state you currently live in. Make it more interactive for guests by writing a little something about each location on the bottom or the back, so it tells your story!”
Casey Stamouli, Owner & Lead Planner, Casey & Co. Events

Photo Credits:
Planner: Casey & Co. Events | Photographer: Cambria Grace Photography | Floral Design: Flowers by Semia Rentals: Peak Event Services

Make it easy for the guys.

“When it comes to the groom, the wedding day isn't about him, it’s more about him complimenting the bride. Your groom has ONE job for your wedding: to look halfway decent. We’ve dressed over 500,000 guys, so take it from us...he’s probably going to screw it up - but we can help with that. We’ll make sure the guys look great with professionally fitted suits and matching shoes and socks so the bride and the rest of the wedding party can shine!”
- Josh Fink, CEO,
The Modern Groom

Poémia Dress

Search for brands that are aligned in values.

“We have sourced eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and cupro (a silk like material that is a cotton by-product and biodegrades). Our dresses are thoughtfully designed to be reworn after the wedding day. After the wedding our Poémia gowns can be sent back to us to be shortened and naturally dyed giving life to your gown well after the “I do’s”.
- Katie Rieben, Co-Founder + Head of Product, Poémia

Tell a story through your food choices.

“I always tell my clients the best compliment they can receive in regards to their wedding was that it was a complete reflection of their relationship together. We do this by making choices from the get-go with the vendors that will be driving guest experience come wedding day. Are you known foodies in your group? Perhaps oysters on the half-shell during cocktail hour or a wine-paired plated meal are the way to go. When you and your friends get together, is it always a casual and really laidback affair? Let's lean into family style service with some of your go-to dishes. Late night snacks are also an outstanding time to feature sometime of nod to your relationship. Maybe we bring in the ice cream you had on your first date, or sliders to commemorate the time you gave up and ordered take out after burning dinner together.”
- Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

Music is one of the most personal, meaningful details in your wedding and an often overlooked opportunity to make your wedding truly unique.

When choosing music for your special day, ditch the list you found online of “top 20 great wedding songs” – it’s the same playlist you hear at every wedding. Instead, opt for something truly personal, especially for those show-stopping musical moments in your wedding: walking down the aisle, and the first dances. At Heartsongs Music, our team of #1 award-winning writers and producers create radio-quality, 100% original songs for those special moments, making them truly unforgettable for you and your guests. Our team spans 2 continents and 14 genres, so whether your style is classic elegant ballads or up-tempo funk that gets everyone on the dance floor, we will work one-on-one with you to create the perfect bespoke song for your wedding.”
- Rebekah Powell, Founder,
Heartsongs Music

Consider asking a friend or family member to officiate.

"Anyone can speak about love - but a close friend or family member is often the best choice as they alone can authentically speak about your love. Don’t hesitate to ask them because you feel guilty it’s a big job, and don’t worry if they’ve never officiated before. They’ll be honored, and you can guide them with tools and tips to help them knock the ceremony out of the park, without the stress."
- Steven Greitzer, CEO,

Moody Wedding Designed By Feathered Arrow Events

Start with the stationery!

The number one thing I tell my couples is that your wedding day should showcase your personality as a couple! Stick with traditions or throw them out the window and make the day feel reflective of the two of you. Remember, it starts with the stationery and/or wedding website, as that's the first thing guests will interact with for the big day, so make sure you set the tone with those elements and then focus on details that will make an impact and create the ultimate experience for you and your guests to enjoy the day.”
- Kari Dirksen, CEO + Lead Planner,
Feathered Arrow Events
Photo Credits: Planner: Feathered Arrow Events | Photographer: Albany Katz Photography

Don’t underestimate the power of your vows and toasts to reflect your personal style.

Your vows and the toasts throughout the weekend shine a light on your unique relationship and help each of your guests deeply understand what makes you two the perfect match. The toasts and vows, more so than any decoration or napkin selection, reflect both who you are as individuals and as a unit, and they connect your audience to your genuine love.”
- Steven Greitzer, CEO,

Let your entertainment set the tone.

“Your entertainment should also callback to both the formality of the evening you're going for as well as who you are as humans. Is this going to be an elegant rager, a Las Vegas club, or Kellerman's Resort from Dirty Dancing (the ballroom, not the staff quarters)? All three of these are completely different scenarios for your DJ/live band to consider and prep for, and what YOU'RE going for as a couple will dictate what recommendations I'll make of vendors that can fully execute what you're after.”
- Ashley Lachney, Owner of
Alston Mayger Events

Ensure that you feel 100% like yourself.

“As your wedding day is an extremely personal experience it is crucial to ensure that how you express yourself and your style matches how you truly feel on the inside. I have had many couples ask me about tattoos and piercings and how they should be displayed (or covered) at their weddings. My answer is simply - listen to your heart! A lot of thought probably went into the decision to get inked, so if you feel that it is an accurate representation of you, then it should shine through. This may mean choosing a wedding dress or other attire that highlights your body art, instead of covering it - or if it has to be partially covered due to fashion style preferences, then doing it in such a way that it can still be appreciated through the fabric. Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner as both a couple - and as individuals! Make sure you feel comfortable in your skin and that the decisions you make are based on your preferences - not how you perceive others will interpret them. This will lead to zero regrets post-celebration!”
- Alexandra Denniston, Owner & Lead Planner of Eventlightenment Planning

Reflect your personalities in both fashion and the overall wedding day vibe.

“Your wedding day should absolutely reflect you and your partner! When it comes to style, don't just think about fashion-related style. Consider the ambiance and overall vibe! Are you casual people? Have your wedding exude a more relaxed vibe, or add toned down elements to your reception. Consider your personalities, what you love to do together, what excites you, and infuse that into your event! Now we can't talk about style without talking about fashion too. Include your favorite colors and if you dress in high fashion, your wedding should be high fashion too! This could be through obvious areas like the bridal gown or maids’ dresses, or it could come into play with your tablescapes and focal points. The goal is for guests to leave your event having had an amazing time and thinking that it was perfectly you.”
- Nora Sheils, Founder of
Bridal Bliss + Rock Paper Coin

Consider utilizing your “signature look.”

“I am all about expressing style at your wedding! I always ask my couples if they have a signature look, color or accessory they are known for. For example, if my groom has a motorcycle, I'll suggest my bride and/or groom wear a leather jacket during the reception. I also highly encourage my couples to include these accessories in their engagement photos and include them in the wedding decor or guest book. This also applies to decor! My pet-lover clients love to accessorize their decor, like napkins or drink stirrers, with their furry friends. It's important for couples to express themselves at their wedding so it feels personalized!”
- Melanie Levin, Owner of
LuckEleven Events

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